The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was created in June 1996 pursuant to provisions in the Kahnawake Gaming Law. The Commission enacted its Regulations Concerning Interactive Gaming in July 1999. The regulations were designed to ensure that interactive gaming activities settle three basic principles: that only suitable persons and entities are permitted to operate, that games are fair to players, and that winners are paid. Mohawk Internet Technologies handles all hosting of interactive gaming services in the Mohawk Territory.

The Kahnawake Gaming License is one of the most attractive online licenses worldwide; some of its sought-after advantages are the following:

- The applicant does not need to incorporate a local company in Kahnawake as the license holder; a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Panama or elsewhere might suffice

- There is no gaming tax (0%) in Kahnawake

The applicable costs for setting-up the license are:

- US$15,000.00 to cover the costs of the KGC's Due Diligence investigations of the applicant company, its principals and Key-Person (which is non-refundable)

- US$10,000.00 first year's annual licensing fee (refundable in case the license is not being granted)

- US$5,000.00 Key Person License Application Fee

- US$3,500.00 (approximately) is the cost of KGC reviewing the Control System Submission.

- US$20,000.00 to US$25,000.00 processing fees for the preparation of a license application which factors in between 45-75 hours of our time to prepare, submit the application and see it through to issuance. This is an estimation and would vary depending on what the client was seeking to achieve. If we have a better idea about the client's business idea and plan and their requirements we will be able to provide a firmer estimate. Also, the estimate will be at the lower end of the spectrum if the client is able to co-operate in providing us with the information/documentation (financials, due diligence and internal controls information/documentation) we require.

- US$1,900.00 for opening Bank Account; US$1,500.00 for opening Merchant Account