In 2006 Italy introduced a new set of regulations for land-based and online gambling allowing companies to operate sports betting at retail locations as well as over the Internet. Regulations for remote and land-based casino gaming were also introduced in 2006. In addition to skill gaming and person-to-person betting, licenses are being granted that allow fixed odds and pari-mutuel horse and sports betting to be conducted online. As the majority of the European Union increases restrictions on online gambling, Italy acts in contrast by liberalizing its policies. The Italian gambling market is expected to grow 64% by 2010 due to the relative lack of competition.

With the climate for gaming undergoing such drastic change in Italy, the AAMS has also undergone a necessary change. In the future, the AAMS will be known as Agenzia Giochi and its primary function will be to enforce the licensing and regulation of Italy’s new gaming laws.