There are 2 types of Gaming Licenses in Curacao: a Master License and a Sub-License. With both licenses you can operate an internet gaming business. The difference between the master license and the sub-license is that the master license can issue sub-licenses while the sub-license can not issue sub-licenses. Today, it is possible to obtain Sub -License only. Master licenses are NOT issued anymore in Curacao.

The process contains 2 main steps

Step 1 - Company formation

In order to obtain the sub-license we first need to incorporate a company to which the sub-license would be issued to. The company does not need to be incorporated in Curacao but can be incorporated in any jurisdiction. We think a Belize International Business Company to be a good solution in this matter.

Step 2 Application for the Curacao Gaming Sub- License

Once the company is incorporated we can submit the application for the sub-license. The sub-license is renewable annually. The whole procedure for the company and the sub-license takes around 2-4 weeks.

Important note

A Curacao Sub-license has no restrictions on the territories which its licensees intend to do business with, it is the responsibility of the operator / licensee to be familiar with the local laws and requirements for the territories for which they intend to offer their service.

The required documents form all individuals involved are as follows

- Notarized passport copy
- Notarized utility bill issued in the last 2 months
- Original Bank Reference Letter
- CV

We can also offer you the following services

- Corporate account for the company
- Merchant account to receive payments via credit and debit cards

Applicable fees for setting-up the entire structure

- Incorporation of a Belize International Business Company - €850.00
It includes company formation, corporate documents, Government Fees, Apostilled set of corporate documents, courier fees

- Annual Maintenance Fees - €1,250.00
It includes Government Fees, Resident Agent, Registered Office

- Sub-License in Curacao - Grand Total €19,500.00
Set-up fee - €4,500.00
Annual Sub-License Fee - €7,600.00
Annual Due Diligence Fee - €2,000.00
Annual database backup hosting - €2,400.00
Professional Fees - €3,000.00

- Optional Services
Merchant Account - €1,500.00
Account with Electronic Money Institution - €1,500.00
Bank Account in the EU (SEPA) - €4,500.00

Please note: You cannot receive players from Netherlands, Israel, Turkey, Curacao and USA. However, you may be having players from the rest of the world (95% of the countries), including the European Union, the Russian Federation, People's Republic of China, all ASEAN Countries, Australia, Oceania, South America and Canada.